Warranty and Crash Replacement


We select with the greatest care the material we use to offer you the highest possible products. Our quality standards are strict for all our products and manufacturing partners. Every wheel is fully guaranteed for 2 years. Our carbon wheels are also covered by a lifetime crash replacement policy.

Our warranty covers all defects, hidden or other, on all DUKE wheels for a period of 2 years. However, this warranty does not apply to damage or defects caused by incorrect installation and mounting of the wheel on to the bike, misuse and/or non-compliant use of our products. Duke Baccara and Baccara C wheelsets require pads specific for carbon braking strips. Repairs of our products by a third party other than DUKE will also have the effect of cancelling this warranty. Do not hesitate to contact us should you require any advice.

Furthermore, a rim or wheel whose fitted tyre you are unable to inflate does not fall within the clauses of the warranty. It occasionally happens that it is extremely difficult or impossible to put air into the tyre, this does not signify that the rim or wheel is faulty. Certain tyres inflate better than others. We are not responsible for the fitting of tyres. (For tyres also read tubulars)

Tubeless ready rims and wheels allow the user to fit standard with-tube clincher tyres as tubeless. However, it should be noted that using standard (with-tube) clincher tyres, that are not compatible (as per the manufacturer’s guidelines) for use as a tubeless tyre, without a tube will equally have the effect of cancelling this warranty. DUKE is not responsible for any damage and injuries resulting from the use of a tyre in a manner that does not correspond with the tyre manufacturer’s guidelines. (For tyres also read tubulars).

DUKE Crash Replacement

Conscious that the purchase of a wheelset represents a certain investment, we automatically include a Crash Replacement package for the purchase of any DUKE carbon wheels. In the event of an accident or heavy crash resulting in damage to your rim rendering it unusable, we will replace it at reduced cost.
50% off the price on Carbon UD SLS rim and 40% for 3k carbon rim, of a new rim, parts and the labour. The shipping costs remain at your charge.

The Crash Replacement package is systematically set up as from delivery of wheels to you. All product returns will not be processed unless you have previously notified us, please contact in the event.