AsymétrieAsymmetric (Offset) profile
By offsetting, we can increase the wheel’s lateral strength and its stability without adding weight. Rim drillings are off-centre to improve bracing angles for a stronger, more rigid wheel. Plus, with offsetting there’s a better balance between the drive and non-drive side spoke tensions and improved durability over the long-term.

The Duke 6TERS* concept offers a wider front rim than the rear rim for more grip, comfort and stiffness. Its weight is optimized for robustness.
The rear profile is reworked with a reduced section, with a new carbon fiber layer to improve compliance and increase the impact resistance, the constraints being much more important on the back wheel. *6TERS = sisters = sœurs.

Rim’s sidewalls are thickened to prevent cut of tires during impacts.

Jante largeWide inner rim
A wider profile rim increases the sensation of comfort, for the rider, compared to a similar width tyre mounted on a narrow “standard” rim because of the increased air volume in the tyre. A larger volume tyre also increases grip and speed. The bike is more stable in corners and bends, despite the considerable forces, as the wider rim width holds the tyre in place reducing the likelihood of it rolling under the rim. Mounted on a narrow rim, the tyre tends to “float” unchecked from one side of the rim to the other. The wider rim considerably reduces this “float”, and improves bike handling and stability.

HooklessHookless rim
This type of rim is far stronger than the traditional clincher rim. We have used this technology with great success, on our rims since 2011. The height of the rim sidewall has been is reduced to limit the likelihood of contact with the ground and to avoid pinch flats. The tyre is fitted as per a traditional clincher, and is securely held in place similarly to a clincher rim.


Anti BurpBurp-Free system
The bead of the tyre is held in position irrespective of the tyre pressure and the ground conditions, preventing any risk of the tyre coming off its rim even when giving it full gas in the corners. It prevents the tyre from being laterally pushed towards the rim centre, you don’t suffer sudden air losses in the corners.


Heavy DutyHeavy Duty Build Concept
The HD, or “Heavy Duty” wheel design is perfect for all types of terrain. Available only on carbon rims and certain alloy rims (such as the Fury Star SL, Fury Star). It is based on an optimal geometry for the MTB: offset rim, highly-resistant carbon fibre or alloys, enormous capacity to absorb shocks and impacts, specific spoke lacing either by 2, or by 3.


Profil original by DUKESLS3 Super Light Serie 3
The SLS3 rims are 10% lighter and strength than the previous version, while maintaining exactly the same stiffness. The manufacturing process and the type of carbon fiber an resin are different. Available only in UD finish.
In addition to the SLS3 unique characteristics, the SLS3 is manufactured in a sealed atmosphere and requires no retouching at the exit of the mold. No sanding or varnishing, the finish is exceptional!

Profil original by DUKEDUKE Original Profile
In 2 words, Duke Technology. DUKE is proprietor of the manufacturing tools and processes for its alloy rims and of the moulds for its carbon models. This enables us to offer you the most technically-advanced rims with a wider profile, offset and the result of many years of experience.


Rim BrakeRim Braking
The braking tracks are made using a high temperature resin offering performance superior to the traditional basalt.
TubelessTubeless Ready
Our Tubeless compatible rims (UST, Tubeless Ready and Notubes), only require some Duke rim tape and a Tubeless-ready valve. They can also be used in a classic clincher set up (tyre & inner tube).