Philippe Jacquinet qualified and worked as a mechanical engineer, but when he got home every evening he would go into his garage and hand build wheels to order for customers who had got to hear, through word of mouth, of Philippe’s talents as a wheel builder. Orders, initially restrained, began to flow as Philippe’s reputation grew. In 2009, he decided to make wheel building his life, he quit his job and he started his own company JPRacing Bike 1. Over the ensuing years he was joined by Élise, Victor, Julien, David, Willy, Lylian, Guillaume et Etienne.

By 2013, the business had grown so much that it had got too big for the garage and new, more comfortable, more spacious and with improved stock handling, premises were found and still today the firm’s location in CHAMBRETAUD (Northwest France). These premises are sufficiently large to handle the continual growth in orders.

As custom builders of bike wheels, we are driven by the desire to offer you the best possible products. As a result, we created Duke Racing Wheels. Since 2010, we have continually designed and developed new technologies, that are both innovative and avant-garde. We are not frightened of innovation, in fact we embrace it, though ground-breaking innovation can be risky, the risks that we take are calculated and based on both our own experience and the established knowns in wheel and hub building. The results are tried-and-tested products that are out of the ordinary and exclusive to us, and therefore, to you.

Convinced that the only way to fully control at every stage what we manufacture, we design our own hubs and rims as per our own specifications. All the R & D, design, planning and prototype trials are carried out by us in our own premises. Finally, we own our own tooling processes for the manufacture of aluminium rims and our own moulds for the manufacture of our carbon models. Our control of all the manufacturing processes, plus the design, development and prototype testing, is total, consequently, the quality can only be the best.

Above all, the passion. Our passion for what we do.

DUKE Jpracingbike équipe