Crash Replacement

We offer a crash replacement programme for carbon wheels. In case of accidents or heavy falls, violent shocks can damage your rim and make it impossible to use. With our Crash Replacement offer we offer you a service that allows you to replace your rim under special conditions: You get a 50% discount on the price of the rim (UD SLS carbon) 40% (3k Carbon), as well as the parts and the disassembly/reassembly. The postage costs will be charged to you. This offer is valid (for life) for an unlimited period of time for DUKE carbon rims and is transferable in the event of sale of the wheels to a third party. For JPRacingbike brand carbon rims the crash replacement is valid only within two years of the date of purchase.

Return for Crash Replacement

Before any return, please contact us by mail : or by phone +33 (0)2 52 65 02 53