The World Runner carbon 27 R* rim has been specially designed with a multi-purpose use as both a Gravel, Bike Packing and Beach Race wheel. It will satisfy the demands of the cyclo-x racers and those of the aficionado of treks and long-distance rides. As well as having a ground-breaking design, the World Runner is more lighter, and more durable. Carbon tubeless ready version with disc-braking. Also available in alloy. R* for racing


  • Material: carbon
  • Use: Gravel, Bike Packing et Beach Race
  • Available formats: 700c
  • Tyre type: Tubeless ready or standard clincher and inner tube
  • Available Rim profile: 27.5 mm
  • ERD*: 588 mm
  • Inner rim width: 25 mm
  • Asymmetric offset: 2.5 mm
  • Hole count: 24 H (Front) / 28 or optional 32 H (Rear)
  • Braking type compatibility: disc only
  • External spoke nipples:
  • Max pressure: 4 bars (40mm tyre)
  • Weight (rim only): 335g
  • Max rider weight: 120kg
  • Decals: White DUKE decals).
  • * ERD = Effective Rim Diameter

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DUKE Original Profile

In 2 words, Duke Technology. DUKE is proprietor of the manufacturing tools and processes for its alloy rims and of the moulds for its carbon models. More.

Asymmetric (Offset) profile

By offsetting, we can increase the wheel’s lateral strength and its stability without adding weight. Rim drillings are off-centre to improve bracing angles for a stronger, more rigid wheel. More.

Tubeless Ready

Our Tubeless compatible rims (UST, Tubeless Ready and Notubes), only require some Duke rim tape and a Tubeless-ready valve. They can also be used in a classic clincher set up (tyre & inner tube).More.

Wide inner rim

A wider profile rim increases the sensation of comfort, for the rider, compared to a similar width tyre mounted on a narrow “standard” rim because of the increased air volume in the tyre. More.

Disc Braking

Rim intended for a disc braking system, not intended for use with brake pads.


  • Max system weight (rider+bike+ equipement) :
    60kg—————————70kg—————————–80kg——————————–90kg—————————– 100kg——————————110kg—————————120kg

  • Use :
    ————————————————————Flat terrain —————————————————————-Hilly—————————————————————-Mountain

  • Carbon rim for standard clincher and inner tube or Tubeless. Designed for a multipurpose use on normal trails and tracks, gravel bike, bike packing and beach race and on all road types
  • Version “R” for racing on this new version we have used a brand new manufacturing technology which has allowed us to lower the weight of the rim by 45g and increase the Inner width by 2.5 mm from 22.5 to 25 mm, while guaranteeing exactly the same strength!
  • Available rim profiles: 27.5 mm
  • Asymmetric profile: with the appearance of disc brakes and the increase in the number of cassette speeds, the drive side flange is getting “pushed” more and more to the interior of the wheel. This normally causes a reduced lateral stiffness due to the slacker bracing angles that result in slower response and greater susceptibility to the impact of crosswinds. At DUKE, to overcome this phenomenon we have come up with an asymmetric (2.3 mm offset) rear wheel design that gives improved bracing angles compared to symmetric wheels and enables us to obtain better balance between the drive and non-drive side spoke tensions for improved stiffness and durability over the long-term.
  • Extra wide 25 mm inner rim width. Increases tyre volume improve speed, comfort and grip, especially in the corners.
  • Crash Replacement :We automatically include a lifetime Crash Replacement package with the sale of any of our carbon wheels. In the event of an accident or heavy crash resulting in damage to your rim rendering it unusable, we will replace it at reduced cost:
    50% off the price of a new rim, parts and the labour.
    – Unlimited lifetime package included with the purchase of a pair of any DUKE carbon wheels.
  • Cross section rim:
    World Runner Carbon 27 R Cross section rim

  • World Runner Carbon 27 R :
    DUKE World Runner carbon 27 R DUKE World Runner carbon 27 R DUKE World Runner carbone

    DUKE World Runner carbon 27 R DUKE World Runner carbon 27 R DUKE World Runner carbon 27 R