DUKE MADMAX SP (straight pull) FRONT HUB

The DUKE MADMAX SP front hub is one of the lightest XC / Trail hubs on the market. It weighs only 95 g. The MADMAX SP FRONT HUB the bearings are offset to the maximum, it’s the perfect hub in terms of geometry. That’s the MADMAX SP.


  • Designed and made in Europe!
  • Axles: 100x12mm; Boost 110×12; Boost 110x15mm
  • Weight: 95 g
  • Stainless steel bearings: 2x 6803
  • Colour: Matt black and Black
  • Drillings: Choice of 24 H or 28 H
  • Disc fitting: ISO Standard 6 bolt and Center Lock
  • Warranty : 5 years

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    • Materials: aluminum 7075T6
      – We have chosen aeronautical-grade alloy to make the MadMax SP stiff, yet have kept any weight gain to the strictest minimum.
      The weights of our new hubs are among the lightest hubs on the market:
      – MadMAX CL XDR 24H
      92g / 201g
      – MadMAX CL XD 28H Boost
      98g / 202g
      – MadMAX IS MS 28H Boost
      104g / 219g
    • Flange diameters and positions:
      – Version 100x12mm: dia 39,6 – 37,8 mm ; dist 23,1 – 34.35 mm
      – Version 110×12 Boost and 110x15mm Boost: dia 39,6 – 37,8 mm ; dist 28,1 – 39.35 mm
      – The geometry is optimised to the maximum: The spokes on the non-drive (disc) side are positioned as wide as practicably possible from the hub centre to improve the wheel’s spoke bracing angles.
      – Drillings are angled to reduce the strain on spoke heads.
      – The wheel is therefore stiffer and more reactive, your steering more accurate and fluid.
    • Straight pull spokes reduce the strain on spoke heads (Straight Pull spokes do not have an “elbow” as found in a J-Pull spokes).
    • Bearings:
      We have not neglected any point on our new version of MADMAX 2022.
      We have selected our bearings from the best suppliers.
      For the front we have chosen bearings 6803, bearings for 17mm axle of relatively low weight, adapted to the moderate loads of a front wheel. For the rear, there is no compromise: the hub AND freewheel bearings are “big” 6902s which overall weigh 20-25g more than the smaller bearings used by the competition. These 6902s will provide rigidity, reliability and durability to our rear hub.
      Despite this overweight in the bearings, our rear hub remains one of the lightest on the market.
      The position of the bearings has also received special attention: we have made sure that they are as far apart as possible in order to reduce the stresses on them and on the axle.
    • Waterproofing:
      The reliability of a hub is also conditioned by its tightness to external elements.
      The freewheel seal has been specifically designed for this.
      It is the result of a long development to meet our expectations.
      Thus our proprietary seal guarantees exceptional fluidity without any possible moisture penetration.
      (high pressure cleaning is still prohibited).
      In addition, the hub caps have double flanges to trap water before it comes into contact with the bearings.
    • The MadMax SP was initially imagined, then designed and developed in Europe for DUKE. We have carefully selected our manufacturing partners to produce a hub that strictly meets our specifications. The entire manufacturing process is carried out in Europe, including machining, anodising and laser engraving. Assembly is carried out in our premises in the Vendée region of France.
    • Our experience, as wheel builders, enables us to stand back and see which concepts and technologies available on the market actually work. Because of this, we can offer you a hub that encapsulates the very best of the available technologies, as well as adding our personal touch. The MadMax SP is a concentration of our know-how, a true synthesis of our experience and the expression of our passion for cycling. We have selected the very best materials to offer you an aesthetic, reliable and original product.

Cotations Mad Max SP Avant

Cotations Mad Max Avant


Duke Moyeux Canam SP width=

Duke Moyeux Canam SP

Duke Moyeux Canam SP

Duke Moyeux Canam SP

Moyeu Duke Madmax

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