The DUKE MADMAX FRONT HUB is the most technically-advanced XC / Trail hub on the market. It weighs just 105g. Bearings are offset to the maximum, it’s the perfect hub in terms of geometry.


  • Designed and Made in France (except for the bearings, which are made in Germany)
  • Axles: 100x15mm; 100×5 (QR version); Boost 110x15mm
  • Weight: between 105g and 109g depending on the version
  • Stainless steel bearings: 2x 6803
  • Colour: red, black, blue, green, orange
  • Drillings: Choice of 28 H or 32 H
  • Disc fitting: ISO Standard 6 bolt

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  • Weight:
    – 105g in 100x15mm
    – 109g in 100xQR5
    – 108g in 110x15mm Boost
  • Materials:
    Hub made of carbon and 7075T6 alloy
    – We have chosen aeronautical-grade 7075 T6 alloy to make the MadMax stiff, yet have kept any weight gain to the strictest minimum. The front hub is equipped with an ultra-stiff carbon tube for a precision hub with an unmistakeable style!
  • Flange diameters and positions:
    – Version 100x15mm and 100xQR5: Dia. 56 – 44 mm; dist. 24.5 – 35.3 mm (exterior-exterior)
    – Version 110x15mm Boost: Dia. 56 – 44 mm; dist. 29.5 – 40.3 mm (exterior-exterior)
    – The geometry is optimised to the maximum: the flange on the non-drive (disc) side is positioned as wide as possible to improve the wheel’s spoke bracing angles.
    – Flanges are angled to reduce the strain on spoke “elbows” (bends).
    – The wheel is therefore stiffer and more reactive, your steering more accurate and fluid.
  • 19 mm internal front axle diameter: improves the hub’s intrinsic rigidity.
  • Double-walled endcaps improve waterproofing.
  • Bearings:
    – 2x 6803 Stainless Steel bearings
    – Bearings are positioned as wide as possible from the hub centre to reduce strain on the bearings for smoother rotations and improved bearing durability.
  • The MadMax is a concentration of our know-how, a true synthesis of our experience and the expression of our passion for cycling. We have selected the very best materials to offer you a stylish, reliable and original product.
  • The MadMax was first imagined, then designed and developed at our base in the Vendée département of France. It is with the utmost rigour that we have selected our manufacturing partners to produce a hub that strictly adheres to our specifications. Also, the whole manufacturing process is carried out in France and primarily in our region of the Pays de la Loire to include the machining, anodising, laser etching, weaving of carbon fibres and finally, the wheel assembly.
  • Our experience, as small enterprise wheel builders, enables us to stand back and see which concepts and technologies available on the market actually work. Because of this, we can offer you a hub that encapsulates the very best of the available technologies, as well as adding our personal touch.

Front MadMax hub dimensions

Cotations Mad Max Avant

Front MadMax Boost 110×15 hub dimensions

Cotations Mad Max Avant Boost 110x15

Exploded view of the DUKE MadMax Front HUB

Moyeu DUKE MadMax AV