DUKE Crazy Star 6TERS

DUKE Crazy Star 6TERS

The Crazy Star 6TERS is the aluminum reference in Trail / All-Mountain rims. Its width is increased on the front rim for more efficiency and control. Perfect for pilots who want to gain efficiency!

  • Material : aluminum Dynamal
  • Use : Trail à All-Mountain
  • Available formats : 29’’
  • ERD* : front 599 mm / rear 603 mm
  • Tyre type : Tubeless
  • Rim profile : front 19 mm / rear 17.5 mm
  • Inner rim width : front 29.5 mm / rear 26.5 mm
  • Asymmetric offset : front 2.5 mm / rear 2.2 mm
  • Hole count : 28 or 32 holes
  • Braking type compatibility : disc only
  • Max pressure : 2.8 bars
  • Weight : front: 480 g – rear: 450 g
  • Decals: : 21 colors in optional

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The DUKE SLS2 6Ters* front and rear profiles complement each other for a greater efficiency in the trails. *6TERS = sisters = sœurs. More.

Disc brake

Rim intended for a disc braking system, not intended for use with brake pads.

DUKE Original Profile

In 2 words, Duke Technology. DUKE is proprietor of the manufacturing tools and processes for its alloy rims and of the moulds for its carbon models. More.

Hookless rim

This type of rim is far stronger than the traditional clincher rim. We have used this technology with great success, on our rims since 2011. More.

Burp-Free system

The bead of the tyre is held in position irrespective of the tyre pressure and the ground conditions, preventing any risk of the tyre coming off its rim even when giving it full gas in the corners. More.

Asymmetric (Offset) profile

By offsetting, we can increase the wheel’s lateral strength and its stability without adding weight. Rim drillings are off-centre to improve bracing angles for a stronger, more rigid wheel. More.

Heavy Duty Building Concept

The HD, or “Heavy Duty” wheel design is perfect for all types of terrain. Available only on carbon rims and certain alloy rims (such as the Fury Star SL, Fury Star). More.

Wide inner rim

A wider profile rim increases the sensation of comfort, for the rider, compared to a similar width tyre mounted on a narrow “standard” rim because of the increased air volume in the tyre. More.

Tubeless Ready

Our Tubeless compatible rims (UST, Tubeless Ready and Notubes), only require some Duke rim tape and a Tubeless-ready valve. They can also be used in a classic clincher set up (tyre & inner tube).


  • Max system weight (rider+bike+equipement) :
    90kg——————————————————————————————————– 100kg—————————————————— —————————————130kg

  • Discipline :
    ————————————XC—————————————– XCO————————————— Trail—————————————-AM——————————–Enduro

  • Terrain :
    ————————————————————————-Soft ——————————————————————Médium ——————————————————-Hard

    Rim made for Trail and All Mountain. On its wheels DUKE is the exclusive owner of the production tools. It offers a very good lateral rigidity and a very high internal width to improve the behavior of the tire. It is recommended on all types of terrain. The DUKE Crazy Star 6Ters rim is wider at the front of 3mm and 1.5mm higher. It have an asymmetrical profil (front 2.5mm offset and 2.2 for rear) Which makes it possible to increase the lateral stiffness of the wheel without gaining weight. The holes in the rim are off-centered, this makes it possible to close more the umbrella formed by the Spokes. Thus the spokes ensure a better maintenance of the rim and the lateral stiffness of the wheel is increased. The risk of sailing is also decreased. Moreover, this device makes it possible to further balance the tensions of the rays between the two layers and thus guarantees a better durability of the wheel The internal size between the large brackets is front 29.5 mm and 26.5mm for rear.
    This gives more volume to the tires and thus improves the efficiency, the comfort and the grip in the corners. A wide rim also means that you can use the finer and lighter tires while maintaining the comfort, softness and grip provided by a larger volume of air. Larger tires would offer even more volume of air as they are heavy and not very dynamic. The best combination tire / rim is achieved when a tire is finished mounted on a wide rim. The tire becomes larger. This combination also reduces the rolling phenomena of the tire under the rim in the changes of bearings. With a narrow rim and a wide tire, the rim floats from one side to the other of the rim without holding. Using a wide rim and a thin tire, to minimize the floating phenomenon and on the behavior and control of the bike.

    In 2019, MTB rims profiles are differentiated as we do not ask the rims the same qualities while riding :
    A front wheel must give grip, be light, stiff and handy.
    A rear wheel must be more comfortable, stronger and offer more efficiency.
    Thus the front and rear wheels have different profiles and lay-ups.
    In collaboration with Julien Absalon, the 6TERS front and rear profiles complement each other for a greater efficiency in the trails.
    Many of you are aware of different needs because you are already using different section tires at front and rear wheel.
    The Duke 6TERS concept offers a wider front rim than the rear rim for more grip and stiffness. Its weight is optimized for robustness.
    The rear profile is reworked with a reduced section to improve increase the impact resistance, the constraints being much more important on the back wheel.
  • Cross section rim : Section Crazy star 6ters

DUKE Crazy Star 6ters DUKE Crazy Star 6ters DUKE Crazy Star 6ters

DUKE Crazy Star 6ters DUKE Crazy Star 6ters DUKE Crazy Star 6ters

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